Dr. Carrie Babcox is a 1999 Graduate of the National College of Chiropractic, which is located just outside of Chicago, IL, which is now known as National University of Health Sciences. There, she completed her chiropractic studies with a focus on neurology and acupuncture, She completed a sought after rotation through the Edgewater Hospital sitting in on and observing surgeries as well as working in the chiropractic clinic affiliated with the hospital.

Fast forward 19 years after graduation and Dr. Babcox has refined the art of manual and instrument assisted adjusting techniques, soft tissue work to hold the structure along with the neurological connections needed to achieve that person’s best function and congruence.

When not practicing or studying, Dr. Carrie can be seen enjoying the outdoors with her husband Adam and their sons Bricen and Remi. They enjoy all that Washington has to offer.


Advanced muscle integration technique (AMIT) is a systematic treatment of common Joint and Muscle conditions experienced by active people.

AMIT practitioners can predict next sites of injury by examining and identifying instabilities in the body, which in most cases lead to injury. The new advanced therapies utilized in AMIT procedures allow for rapid corrections of instabilities resulting in improved function, removal of pain and an overall new level of performance.


NIS is a system of investigation to both isolate and correct faults in the cellular signaling process derived from human neurological interaction – our action potential.

The action potential is what enables our body to communicate to every cell, under the control of the brain.

Your brain is the coordinating centerpiece of our nervous system, conscious actions, thought processing, feelings and memories.
In addition, it is responsible for automatic functions such as the heart, blood pressure, temperature, and breathing. Your sense of wellness is an expression of whether your brain is fully cognizant of all body systems.

Neuroplasticity explains how our most complex organ is capable of changing throughout our lives, & is the basis of how NIS works. This animation demonstrates how we all have the ability to change by ‘rewiring’ our brains.

Daily, we are exposed to different types of stresses. These can be physical, infections, emotional, and for the most part our bodies are designed to handle these.

There are times however where pressures become excessive to a point where our personal tolerances are challenged. At this point a disruption occurs in cellular signalling, and human function is altered. The Neurological Integration System (NIS) is then employed to ‘rewire’ and ‘reset’ the signal process.