Dr. David is a 1990 graduate of Palmer College of chiropractic in Davenport, IA. He brings over 25 years of experience to our team. His undergraduate was completed at Centralia College and he is a lifelong resident of Washington State. While at Palmer College he received special training in various adjusting styles from traditional diversified methods to low force techniques such as the torque release method. Through the years Dr. David has continued his education. His education has included Pettibon technique and Thompson. He is a certified Brimhall practitioner. Since then Dr. David has pioneered a system of analysis to work deeper into the sensory portion of the nervous system.

Dr. David treats the individual as a whole being, not just a series of symptoms and conditions. Aside from his family, his passion is correlating the intricacies of the human body to produce optimum health. In his spare time he enjoys the spending time with his wife Lindsey and four children: Gabby, Bella, Kai and Heyler. He also enjoys coaching baseball/softball.

Sensory Work

The nervous system controls and coordinates all the functions of our bodies and is composed of 90% sensory and 10% motor components. Furthermore, it is the sensory component of the nervous system that tells the motor component what to do. As a result of stress, be it mental, emotional, chemical and/or physical, our sensory portion of the nervous system adapts by producing fight or flight apps within the body, just like apps on a smart phone. These apps run 24/7 and wear our bodies down. The more the body is in a constant mode of fight or flight, the less it focuses on healing. These fight or flight apps also influence posture and the efficiency by which the spinal mechanics work. The purpose of sensory work is to remove these locked-in fight or flight apps allowing our bodies to function in growth mode, which in turn increases the healing capacity of our bodies, as well as drastically increasing the efficiency of our spinal biomechanics.

Many times the reason a health condition or pain pattern is not improving is because our bodies are prioritizing something else. With sensory work we follow your body’s priorities. Many times as we follow your body’s priorities by removing these fight or flight apps, the healing process begins. Healing at its very core is really nothing more than a freeing up and letting go process which sensory work is very effective in facilitating.

Dr. David Merrill is an expert in removing these apps through a precise and predictable system of analysis that he pioneered. Dr. Merrill’s system utilizes organ reflex points, nutritional supplementation, and instrument spinal adjusting. He has been successful at improving quality of life for patients suffering from a large variety of health conditions and welcomes any health challenges you may be facing. Please contact our office today if you would like to experience an entirely different approach to improving your health.